How it works

How it works

The car scheme is available to any person who has no other means of travel due to ill health, injury, old age or disability.  Some drivers can assist passengers in/out of the vehicle and carry shopping if required. Journeys must take place within the Lochaber area.

All volunteer drivers are PVG checked and undertake regular training and support.  They pick up and drop off passengers as directed when the booking is taken by the office. The driver will then be there to collect the passenger to return them to their home, should a return trip be required.


Fares are based on mileage while the passenger is in the vehicle and are the same for one or more passengers so costs can be shared.  The fare is paid directly to the driver at the end of the RETURN trip.

Minimum fare             £5       (up to 10 miles)

11 to 15 miles                £7

16 to 20 miles              £8

21 to 30 miles              £10

31 to 50 miles              £11

51 to 75 miles              £13

Over 75 miles             £16

How do I register with the car scheme?

Ring 01397701222.  We will ask you a few questions to clarify your transport needs and to register you as a passenger.  We will need as much information about your trip as possible so that we can pass this on the driver.  Always book with the office and not the driver.

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